Thai Rice Starch Database (ThRSDB) is the first-of-its-kind database with a large collection of data on Thai rice starch composition, molecular structure, and functionality for research and industrial uses. Experimental results on Thai rice starch (indica subspecies) are manually curated from published articles and collected in a well-structured database. We do not include the japonica rice and long-grain basmati rice grown in Thailand in this version, because these are not the native Thai rice cultivars or landraces. Currently, there are approximately 249 rice cultivars from 104 research articles. With user-friendly interface, search functions and interactive visualization tools, students, researchers, farmers and food industrial sectors can easily access and exploit the data here for their research and development of rice starch and rice starch products.

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Latest update:
  • ThRSDB release 12/2023
    1084 samples, 507 Thai rice cultivars
  • ThRSDB release 12/2022
    737 samples, 249 Thai rice cultivars
  • ThRSDB release 12/2021
    681 samples, 245 Thai rice cultivars
  • ThRSDB release 12/2020
    585 samples, 224 Thai rice cultivars
  • ThRSDB release 10/2019
    373 samples, 191 Thai rice cultivars

If you use ThRSDB please cite:
Wanichthanarak K, and Thitisaksakul M (2020) ThRSDB: a database of Thai rice starch composition, molecular structure and functionality. Database, 2020:1-9.